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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 3 2017


History of Religion

Nikolai V. Chirkov The Actional Aspect of the Enculturation of Christianity in the Missionary Activity of the Roman Catholic Church стр. 5

Religions of Russia

Marina O. Sidakova Archaic Elements in Traditional Cults of the Ossetians стр. 17
Anatoly F. Starcev The Cult of Masters of Nature at Tungus-Manchu Ethnoses of Priamurye and Primorye  стр. 25

Alexey N. Starostin
Alexander P. Yarkov

Muslims in Priamurye: A Historic Portrait’s Outline стр. 32

Anthropology of Religion

Svetlana Yu. Belorussova Orthodox Identity of the Nagaibaks стр. 49
Timur M. Nadyrshin Problems of Ethnological Research of Non-Confessional Religious Education in Russia стр. 57

Philosophy of Religion

Evgeniy I. Arinin Religion as «Relѣya»: Between Politics, Poetics, and Logic (the 14th – 18th Centuries) стр. 66

Religious Philosophy

Dinislam V. Khadyev The Dynamic Pantheism of J.G. Herder стр. 81
Albina A. Sulema The Gnoseological Bases of V.I. Nesmelov’s Anthropological Theism on the Material of His Early Work “The Problem of Knowledge. The Experience of Studying the Natural Origin and Form of Philosophical Knowledge” стр. 87

Sociology of Religion

Olga V. Pelevina
Maria M. Kotlyarova 

Sociology of Religion in China: The Main Stages of Formation and Development стр. 115

Psychology of Religion

Nadezhda A. Koreneva The Concept of Religious Experience and Notion of Personality in Russian Philosophy at the Beginning of the 20th Century стр. 124

Andrey V. Korotayev
Sergey G. Shulgin
Julia V. Zinkina
Daria A. Bykanova

Why Are Elder People More Religious than the Youth? Cohort and Age Factors, or the Future of Religious Values in High Income OECD Countries стр. 134

Religion and Culture

Pavel G. Nosachev «The World Will Be Strange Again…»: David Lynch’s Aesthetics through the Prism of Religious Studies стр. 145

History of Religious Studies

Dimitry A. Bratkin Hieromonk Alexy Vinogradov as a Biblical Scholar and Historian of the Translations of the Bible стр. 155
Veronika V. Khorina Vera N. Kharuzina as a Historian of Religion стр. 164


The Forth Congress of Russian Scholars of Religion September 24–26, 2018 стр. 171