The scientific and theoretical journal “Religiovedenie” (“Study of Religion”) is a field-specific journal. It includes articles on the history of world and Russian religious studies, philosophy of religion, sociology of religion, psychology of religion, etc. Much attention is paid to the modern religious situation in Russia. The journal helps experts from different fields of the science to communicate and exchange information. Being a professional edition, the journal gives a wide range of possibilities for those scholars who discover new aspects in studying religion. “Religiovedenie” is focused on academic community. The editorial board of the journal forms its contents taking into account its strictly scientific character. The journal is not a theological edition and is far from religious and apologetic purposes. “Religiovedenie” is not connected with any modern religion, but the authors of the published articles can have their own religious beliefs. The journal’s contents are strictly separated from editions of occult, mystical, pseudo-historical, and fantastic character, which try to replace the study of religion and theological studies of traditional denominations as well.

The journal is included in “The List of Russian peer-reviewed journals publishing the main research results of Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations” by the decision of The State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

“Religiovedenie” is also included in the Russian Science Citation Index.

The journal is registered by the Ministry of Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications.

PI Certificate: № 77-79-73; May 14, 2001

ISSN (print): 2072– 8662

The journal is issued by the Publishing Department of the Amur State University. The editorial board’s opinion can not coincide with positions of the authors of articles. Reviews of articles are sent at the request of authors; the manuscripts are not given back.