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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 3 2018


History of Religion

Lidiya V. Schneider  Socio-Cultural Status of Woman in the Christianity of the 2nd Century p. 5
Nikolay V. Chirkov Development of the Concept of the Relationship between Inculturation of Christianity and Culture of non-Christian Nations in the Post-Synodal Period of the Roman Catholic Church p. 11

Religions of Russia

Ilya S. Butov
Nikita V. Tomin

Icons Renewals on Historical Background p. 20

Religions of the East

Elena S. Lepekhova The problem of Initiation of the First Buddhist Nuns in Japan. p. 35
Yulia A. Uimina Buddhism and Hindu Tantra as the Sources of Mindfulness and Totality in Osho’s Teaching p. 46

Anthropology of Religion

Irina Yu. Vinokurova Christianity and Mythoritual Complex in Vepsian Traditional Medicine p. 53

Philosophy of Religion

Cho Sungkwon The Structure of Syllogisms in the “Milinda's Questions” Book p. 64

Evgeniy I. Arinin
Natalia M. Markova

Images of “Religious Education” in Russia as an Implicit Phenomenon (Religious Analysis) p. 71
German E. Bokov

Orthodox Theology in Contemporary Russia on Academic Science and Secular Education

p. 83

Religious Philosophy

Natalia A. Senko Spiritual and Academic Theism and Slavophilia: Formation and Comparison of Religious and Philosophical Views p. 95
Anastasia A. Zubkovskaya Religious Philosophy of Postmodernism on Seculatization and “Post-Christian Religiosity” p. 104
Valeriya V. Sleptsova Basic Elements of the Theory of M.M. Kaplan p. 110

Sociology of Religion

Igor V. Simonov Religious Situation in Nizhny Novgorod Region: Analytical Review p. 117
Irina I. Ivanova Canada at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Centuries: Religious Dynamics as a Reflection of the Migration Processes in the Country p. 126

Psychology of Religion

Nikolay L. Muskhelishvili
Mikhail M. Bazlev

On the Visions in the «Spiritual Diary» of Ignatius of Loyola p. 128
Oleg V. Shimelfenig On the Personal Experience of Comprehending Religious and Philosophical Texts p. 140