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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 1 2017


History of Religion

Vladimir I. Trukhin The «German Officer»'s Letter Published in the Book «Voyage en divers États d'Europe et d'Asie » by Jesuit Missionary Philippe Avril стр. 5

Religions of Russia

Olga B. Khalidova Religious Policy of the Soviet State and the Dagestan Muslims in New Conditions of the Postwar Period (1950–1965) стр. 16
Evgeniy V. Buyanov Religious Situation in the Amur Region in the Second Half of the 1940s – First Half of the 1960s стр. 23

Petr K. Dashkovskiy
Natalya P. Siebert

The State of Christian Congregations in Altai Krai in the mid-1960s – mid-1970s стр. 31

Religions of the East

Shafique N. Virani The Days of Creation in the Thought of Nāṣir-i Khusraw стр. 41
Marina A. Khaymurzina New Tendencies in Official Interpretation of Religion in China стр. 49

Comparative Religion

Petr A. Korpachev The Performance Theory in the Study of Early Christian Asceticism стр. 56
Matvey M. Fialko Esotericism: An Experience of Religious Studies’ Explication  стр. 62

Philosophy of Religion

Ivan V. Mezentsev In Search of «Central and Fundamental» Point of Religion. Some Aspects of Philosophical and Religious Discourse in Works of Spiritual and Academic Authors of the Pre-Revolutionary Period and the Religious Studies Methodology of Their Research

стр. 73

Pavel G. Nosachev  «I Checked Harmony with Algebra …»: Religious Studies, Esotericism and Discourse in the works of K. von Stuckrad стр. 80

Phenomenology of Religion

Nataly A. Nikonovich The Problems of Ontology and Epistemology of Mythological and Religious Experience: Synthesis of Ideas of M. Eliade, C.G. Jung, and S. Grof стр. 90

History of Religious Studies

Marianna A. Shakhnovich
Tatiana V. Chumakova
Ekaterina A. Teryukova

The Library of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society and Its Philosophical Collection стр. 99
Dmitriy I. Weber The Study of Religious Culture in Leo Karsavin’s Works стр. 109


Anatoliy K. Pogasiy Is the “Tibetan Gospel” a Historical and Cultural Monument of Tibetan Buddhism, or a Fake of the End of the 19th Century? стр. 117


Olesya V. Kuznetsova,
Natalia S. Smolina

Modern Educational Programs for the Study of Religion Program Track at Russian Universities стр. 126
Ivan P. Davidov West European Church Architecture in the Context of History of Formation and Development  of Religious Art стр. 139