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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2018


History of Religion

Andrey P. Zabiyako Genesis of Religion: The Emergence of Zoolatry on the Materials of Rock Paintings p. 5
Petr K. Dashkovskiy Some Results of the Study of the Evolution of Religious Landscape of Western Siberia and Neighboring Regions of Central Asia p. 26
Wang Junzheng Balhae Buddhist Temples Following Archeological Studies  p. 37
Eleonora S. Lvova The Christianity and Traditional Beliefs of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Peoples as a Typical Case of History of Interaction between World and Local Religions p. 45

Religions of Russia

Vladimir S. Glagolev Christianity as a Culture Forming Factor  of Eurasian Civilization p. 55
Yulia V. Argudyaeva Russian Old Believers from South America to Primorsky Krai: Re-emigration and Adaptation p. 62

Religions of the East

David C. Lewis Key Values in Japanese Religion and Culture p. 68

Anthropology of Religion

Jung Gon Park The Religious Significance of Dolls in Nenets and Korean Culture p. 73

Philosophy of Religion

William V. Shmidt Religion: On the Issue of Defining It p. 80
Evgeniy I. Arinin The Phenomenon of Russian “Orthodoxy”: The Transformation of Denotations and Connotations from “Faith” to “Confession” p. 92

Nataliya L. Seitakhmetova
Madina K. Bektenova

To the Problematization of the Dialogue of Religions as a Dialogue of Civilizations

p. 100

Religious Philosophy

Vyacheslav Y. Vasechko Three Projects: Confessional Self-Identification as a Factor of Personal Religious and Moral Search in Russian Philosophy p. 105
Sergey V. Pishun Spiritual and Academic Philosophy: The First Attempts of Formation  of Relations to the Socialist Project p. 111

Sociology of Religion

Margarita V. Silantieva Religion in the Sphere of Civilizational Conflicts: Methods of Prophylaxis p. 118
Irina I. Ivanova Canada at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Centuries: Religious Dynamics as a Reflection of the Migration Processes in the Country p. 126

Religion and Culture

Anna A. Zabiyako
Olga E. Tsmykal

Religious Quest of the Writers of the Far East Émigré Community: Metamorphoses of Ethnocultural Identification p. 131
 History of Religious Studies
Ekaterina S. Elbakyan Encyclopedic and Practical-Oriented Studies in the Modern Study of Religion p. 145
Marianna M. Shakhnovich Study of the History of Religion in the 1920s and the First Anti-Religious Expositions in Leningrad p. 152
Zhang Xi Scientific-Theoretical Journals on the Study of Religion in Modern China p. 158


Review of the 4th Congress of the Russian Researchers of Religion (Amur State University, Blagoveshchensk, 24–28 September, 2018)   p. 165