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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 2 2020


History of Religion
Alexander A. Nasonov Buddhism Spread as a Religious Frontier (on the Example of the South of Western Siberia in the Pre-Revolutionary Period) pp. 5–14
Religions of Russia
Roman A. Evtekhov

The Institutions of Church and Police in the Maintenance of Urban Decorum in the 18th – 20th Centuries (on the example of Verkhneudinsk)

pp. 15–22
Elena V. Shakhmatova Anthroposophical Movement in the Soviet Period: the Authorities and Artistic Intelligentsia pp. 23–28
Religions of the East
Nadezhda N. Trubnikova “Living for the Living”: Wasan Hymns to Bodhisattva Kannon  pp. 29–41
Comparative Religion
Marina O. Sidakova Problematization of Meaning of the Concept “Syncretism” and Its Synonyms pp. 42–52
Anthropology of Religion
Tatiana Yu. Sem

Sacred Persons and Shamanic Culture of Tungus-Manchu People

pp. 53–61
Ilya S. Butov,
Nikita V. Tomin
 Archival Evidence of “Unauthorized Exorcisms” in the Russian Empire in the 19th – First Half of the 20th Centuries pp. 62–76
Philosophy of Religion
Evgenyi I. Arinin,
Vladimir S. Glagolev

Religious Aspects of the Phenomena of Atheism and Piety in the Culture of the Era of Cicero (Based on 7 Russian Translations of “On the Nature of the Gods”, 1752–1998)

pp. 77–90
Religious Philosophy
Konstantin B. Kislin

Interpretation of the Myth of Narcissus and Echo in a Treatise “Ovidius Moralizatus” by Petrus Berchorius in the Context of Reception of the Antique Mythology in France of the 12th –14th Centuries

pp. 91–98
Sociology of Religion
Madina Z. Magomedova Features of the Religious Identification of Muslims in North Caucasus pp. 99–108
Religion and Culture
Victor V. Barashkov Realization of the Concept of Religious Transhistorical Art Exhibitions in Diocesan Museums in Germany pp. 109–120
History of Religious Studies
Ekaterina A. Teryukova

G.P. Snesarev as a Collector and Researcher of Central Asian Religious Beliefs (on the Materials of the Collection of the State Museum of the History of Religion, St. Petersburg, Russia)

pp. 121–126
Anastasia V. Sheps Church Reform of Jan Hus as a Research Topic pp. 127–134