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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 1 2019


History of Religion

Anastasia A. Medvedeva The Concept «Εἰρωνεία» in the Exegesis of the pre-Nicene Period p. 5
Pavel V.Ermilov The Controversy on the Jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople over the Orthodox Diaspora in the First Half of the 20th Century and its Outcome. p. 16

Religions of Russia

Magomedkhan M. Magomedkhanov,
Robert Chenciner,
Saida M. Garunova

Ethno-religious and Legal Aspects of the pre-Soviet Government of the Dagestan Region p. 29

Olga B. Khalidova

Sectarian Colonization of the North Caucasus in the Context of Integrative Practices of the Russian Empire in the 19th – Early 20th Centuries (on the Example of Dagestan) p. 38

Svetlana A. Inikova

To the Question of the Attempt to Create an Old Believer Metropolis in Moscow in 1955 p. 47

Olga V. Kalinina

Local Pattern of Religious Education in the Secular State: On the Example of the Pechersky District of the Pskovskaya Oblast in the Late 20th – Early 21st Centuries p. 59

Religions of the East

Irina B. Keidun Structure and Role of the Rite of Passage in the Mourning Ceremonies in Ancient China (Following the “Li ji” Confucian Treatise) p. 67
Sergei V. Pakhomov Jīvanmukti in Hindu Tantrism  p. 77

Comparative Religion

Valery V. Gribenko Religious Factor in Comparative Analysis of Individualistic Aims of Young People of Japan and Russia p. 87
Anthropology of Religion
Anatolii F. Startcev Cult of a Sacred Tree in Traditional Trade Ceremonialism of the Indigenous Peoples of Priamurye and Primorye p. 94
Olga V. Khodyreva Representation of Pilgrimage Practice in the Electronic Diary of the Spoof: Case Study p. 101

Religious Philosophy

Dmitry N. Radul Philosophical and Religious Views of Florensky and the Idea of Actual Infinity p. 108

Phenomenology of Religion

Tatiana S. Samarina

Theory of Pandynamism in Phenomenology of Religion: The Categories of Strength, Will and Form p. 114

Religion and Law

Kanatbek S. Murzahalilov “Yakyn Inkar” in Kyrgyzstan: Possibilities of Radicalization  p. 121

 Psychology of Religion

Andrey S. Dedov Christs and the Theotokoses of the Christ-Faith: the Ritual Role and the Sacred Status as a Recording of Religious Experience p. 130

Religion and Culture

Denis D. Pyzikov Cultural and Historical Context of the Mythmaking of H.P. Lovecraft  p. 137