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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 1 2022


Religions of Russia
Yulia A. Lysenko

Regional Authorities in the Imperial Islamic Discourse of the Second Half of the 19th Century (On the Example of a Governor-General of the Orenburg Region N.A. Kryzhanovsky)

pp. 5–14
Dmitrii M. Latyshev Military Priest’s Mission on the Battlefield and Orthodox Ethics during the Patriotic War (1812) and the First World War (1914–1918) pp. 15–24
Religions of the East
Irina S. Urbanaeva

The Role of Chinese and Tibetan Hermeneutic Strategies in the “Constructing” of the Divergent Worlds of Mahāyāna Buddhism

 pp. 25–34
Anthropology of Religion
Anna A. Zabiyako,
Ju Kunyi

The Plot of St. Nicholas in the Folklore Texts of the Residents of Harbin

pp. 35–51
Yana V. Zinenko,
Olga E. Tsmykal

Traditions and Rituals of the Evenks of Trekhrechye (Based on the Materials of Ethnographic Essays-Memoirs of A.M. Kaigorodov)

pp. 52–60
Tamara V. Tsareva The Dispute over the Chalice. Changing the Practice of Communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ in the Context of the Pandemic Caused by the COVID-19 Virus pp. 61–71
 Philosophy of Religion
Evgenyi I. Arinin,
Maria S. Lyutaeva,
Natalia M. Markova

Autopoiesis of Religion as a Social Subsystem: Reception of N. Luhmann's Ideas by Russian Researchers of Religion

pp. 72–81
Religious Philosophy
Mahnush P. Eskandary,
Mahnaz R. Norouzi

Middle Eastern Utopia in the Poems of Muslim Poets of the Middle Eastern Countries

pp. 82–91
Sociology of Religion

Vladimir M. Storchak,
Olga A. Ogorodnikova,
Marina V. Storchak

Prophetic Tradition in the Culture of Social Utopianism and Quasi-Religious Revolutionary Ideal of Building the “Kingdom of God on Earth”

pp. 92–104
Religion and Law
Yusup M. Huseynov,
Yusup M. Idrisov
The Phenomenon of Correlation of the Norms of Muslim Law with Adat And Secular Laws in the Late 19th – First Half of the 20th Centuries: On the Example of the Turkic Peoples of Dagestan pp. 105–110
Ilshat A. Mukhametzaripov The Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution in the Church of Scientology in the USA pp. 111–122
Psychology of Religion
Igor E. Kanunikov What Zazen Meditation and Hesychasm Have in Common: A Neurophysiologist's View pp. 123–132
 Religion and Culture
Alexander V. Urmanov,
Liu Ying
“The Evening Sacrifice”: The Life and Death of Fyodor Chudakov in the Context of the Revolutionary Era pp. 133–146
Elena V. Golovneva,
Ivan A. Golovnev
Anti-Religious Film “At the Sectarians” by Anatoly Terskoi (1930) pp. 147–156
History of Religious Studies
Dimitri A. Bratkin “The Study of Religion in Social and Cultural Context of the Epoch: The History of Religious Studies and Intellectual History of Russia in the 19th – First Half of 20th Century”: Research Project and Its Publications