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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 2 2021


History of Religion
Viktor S. Levytskyy

Sociology of Meaning: The Role of the Church in the Confrontation between Gnosticism and Orthodoxy as Ontological Paradigms

pp. 5–16
Religions of Russia
Alexander N. Varlamov

The History of the Coexistence of Religions and the Prospects for Worldview Traditions in Evenki Society

pp. 17–27
Anna A. Zabiyako,
Yana V. Zinenko

“Across Transbaikalia and the Amur” by A.P. Farafontov as a Source of Study of Folk Orthodoxy on the Territory of the Far Eastern Frontier of the Early Twentieth Century

pp. 28–43
Religions of the East
Pavel D. Lenkov

Buddhist Elements of the Anthropological Conceptions of the Religious Taoism of the Quanzhen School (Based on Long Men Xin Fa): Psychology and Somatology

 pp. 44–55
Anthropology of Religion
Svetlana N. Vorobyeva

Prayer as a Form of Manifestation of a Specific Sacrifice (on the Example of the Texts of the Old Testament Prayers-Blessings) 

pp. 56–65
Pavel G. Nosachev

Components of the Contemporary Occulture Narrative

pp. 66–74
Evgeniy I. Arinin,
Alexander Yu. Bendin,
Natalia M. Markova,
Yulia G. Matushanskaya
Religious Identity: “Us” and “Them” as Global, Local, and Glocal (Belarus, Germany, Russia) pp. 75–86
Elizabete Taivāne

Multi-Religious Belonging and Christian Identity in the West: Contexts and Perspectives

pp. 87–96
 Religious Philosophy
Alexey G. Sakhatsky

Axiological Aspects of Orthodox and Philosophical Theism (On the Example of the Philosophy of V.D. Kudryavtsev-Platonov)

pp. 97–103
Ekaterina V. Baranova

Catholic View of the Problem of Church Union in V.V. Rozanov’s Journalism

pp. 104–109
Sociology of Religion
Igor А. Yurasov,
Maria А. Tanina,
Vera. A. Yudina

Digital Religious Protest in Provincial Russian Cities: Religious Identity and Forms

pp. 110–118
Alexandra O. Blinkova,
Samuil M. Shurukht
The Image of the Pandemic: Discussion among Orthodox Clerics (ROC MP) on the Situation of the Pandemic pp. 119–127
Religion and Culture

Aleksandra K. Grigoreva

Interpretation of the Plot of the Sacrifice of Isaac in the Visual Arts of Judaism of Late Antiquity

pp. 128–135
History of Religious Studies
An De,
Ivan A. Fadeyev
Yue Feng’s View on the History of the Orthodox Church pp. 136–147
Aleksandr B. Orishev A New Look at the History of Islam (a Review of Thomas Bauer’s Book “The Culture of Ambiguity and Pluralism: Towards a Different Image of Islam”) pp. 148–151