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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2020


History of Religion
Andrey P. Zabiyako Genesis of Religion: The Origin of Zoolatry According to the Portable Art of Eastern Europe and Siberia pp. 5–27
Religions of Russia
Andrey V. Topychkanov “House of Solomon”: The Development of Religious and Ceremonial Culture in Tsars’ Country Residences of the Last Quarter of the 17th Century pp. 28–36
Timur M. Nadyrshin Heroes of Islamic history in the Collective Memory of Muslims of Russia pp. 37–48
Natalia V. Vorobeva “A Preacher from the Artisans with the Bible Prevailed”: Mennonite Religious Identity in Omsk Region in the 50–60s of the 20th Century  pp. 49–58
Religions of the East
Sergei A. Sevriugin Key Features of the External Expansion of South Korean Protestant Organizations and Its Main Reasons  pp. 59–68
Comparative Religion
Dulma V. Ayusheeva

The Problem of Dichotomy in the Classification of Buddhist Communities in the West

pp. 69–75
Anthropology of Religion
Alexandra D. Belova Extending Cognitive Science of Religion on Ethnographic Field Notes from the Archive of G.M. Vasilevich pp. 76–82
Eugenia A. Kontaleva Ethnographic Studies of P.V. Shkurkin: Religious and Сult Features of the Culture of Foreign Tribes of China pp. 83–94
Olga B. Khalidova

Jews in the Post-Soviet Religious Space of Dagestan: Features and Problems in the National Region

pp. 95–101
Philosophy of Religion
Nadezhda V. Tsepeleva Apophaticism of the Christian Faith pp. 102–107
Sociology of Religion

Igor A. Yurasov,
Olga N. Yurasova

Confessional and Religious Identities: Ethnos. Discourse pp. 108–118
Dmitryi A. Markov The Role of Education in the Approach to Childbearing in the Clergy Families of the Russian Orthodox Church pp. 119–128
Religion and Law
Irina Yu. Kulyaskina

The Antithesis of Law and Grace. Christian View of Law as a Regulatory System (Based on the Philosophical Heritage of B.P. Vysheslavtsev and  S.L. Frank)

pp. 129–136
History of Religious Studies
Kseniya A. Zemlyanskaya The Study of Religious Customs and Traditions of the Nanai in Russian Science (Pre-Revolutionary Context) and the Experience of Their Systematization in the Literary Ethnography of Venedikt Mart pp. 137–149