Professor of Moscow Spiritual Academy V.D. Kudryavtsev-Platonov approving his concept of existence of the Supreme Being considers peculiarity of internal essence of the very truth of the Supreme Being’s existence as an essential feature: it is the truth of direct belief and philosophical knowledge at the same time. Therefore the philosopher approves the empirical as the initial and crucial proof and as confidence in the truth based on persuasiveness of internal experience, and at the same time indicates the objective need to raise direct beliefs to the power of rational concepts, corresponding to the main task of philosophy – rational research and justification of the truth of philosophical knowledge. The truth of existence of the Supreme Being is the concept of knowledge; the concept is basic, nonderivable from other truths. Because of its nature, it makes itself the assumption of all its evidences which are available in the history of philosophical thought. Philosophy requires its rational justification, i.e. its proof. V.D. Kudryavtsev-Platonov asserts the unsolvability of this problem in direct proof – the derivation of one truth from another, and refers to the methods of thinking of indirect substantiation of the truth. The philosopher specifically formulates a “scheme or formula” which, in his opinion, “should serve as a norm in evaluating the particular forms of all arguments of the truth of existence of the Supreme Being, based on the analysis of the idea of ​​God”.


Key words theistic philosophy, Russian philosophical theism of the 19th century, V.D. Kudryavtsev-Platonov, problem of justification of the Supreme Being’s existence

DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2017.2.85-92

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