The article elaborates on significance of Christian message and conformity with doctrines of Christianity for concentrated absorption of basic Judaism conceptions and based on it Christian faith constants. First of all it’s a definition of a human being as a God’s creature having obtained from this divine force its soul and a rational ability to dispose of its capabilities. Eurasian Civilization in its geographical borders includes Christianity, Islam, Buddhism several national religions and many modern religious denominations. Catholic church colonizing activities in China as well as efforts of catholic missions on territories outside European colonies resulted in a variety of syncretical phenomena where catholic ideology and dogmatics made a weird mixture with ritual practice incorporating local musical traditions and pictorial art elements. Emerging structures heterogeneity determined peripheral status of Catholicism and Protestantism on the continent of Asia. In contrast, Orthodox missions accompanying exploration of Russian North, Siberia, the Far East and some adjacent Mongolian, Korean and Chinese territories maintained stable relations with Russian governmental and church structures.

Key words: Eurasian Civilization, colonizing activities, territories exploration, Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Protestantism.

DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2018.4.55-61

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