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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 2 2018


History of Religion

Ksenia A. Shperl

Parallels between Ancient Egyptian Religious Literature and the Old Testament Psalms: Psalm 103 and «The Great Hymn to the Aten»

стр. 5

Religions of Russia

Maxim S. Mikhalev

Political Burkhanism. Brief History and Current Situation

стр. 12

Imanutdin  KhSulaev Social and Political Views of Nazhmuddin Gotsinsky (1859–1925) стр. 21

Religions of the East

Nadezhda N. Trubnikova  Island among the Mountains: Kūkai on Fudaraku Peak in Japan стр. 30
Anna M. Dulina The Original Shrine of Hachiman: To the Question of Genesis of the Hachiman Cult. стр. 43
Dulma V. Ayusheyeva Tulku Institute: Traditions and Modernity стр. 52

Anthropology of Religion

Tokhir S. Kalandarov To the Issue of Studying a Religious Community in a Large City (Moscow Ismaili Community Case) стр. 59

Philosophy of Religion

Evgeniy I. Arinin,
Elena V. Vorontcova,
Natalia M. Markova

Images of Religious Education in Russia as an Explicit Project. стр. 65

Georgy Orekhanov,
Ksenia A. Kolkunova

“Religion”, “Religiosity”, “Transcendence”, and “Spirituality”: Basic Terms in German Discussions. стр. 79

Religious Philosophy

Irina Y. Kulyaskina S.L. Frank: Between the “God of Philosophers” and “the Living God” стр. 94

Phenomenology of Religion

Tatiana S. Samarina

Theory of Levels of Religiosity in Classical Phenomenology of Religion

стр. 101

Sociology of Religion

Igor N. Yablokov Phenomenological Sociology of Religion: Dichotomous and Immanent-Transcendent Vectors of Development стр. 110

Religion and Culture

Viktor V. Barashkov The Main Trends of Aesthetical Modernization of Christian Religious Images in Europe at the Beginning of the 21st Century стр. 122
Pavel G. Nosachev Game Occulture: Western Esotericism and Adventure Computer Games стр. 131
Evgeniya A. Kontaleva Occultism and Mysticism on Pages of the Harbin Periodical Press (A Case Study of  “Rubezh” Journal) стр. 140

Andrey V. Lapin,
Elena D. Aganina

Mythology, Religion, and Altered States of Consciousness as a Basis of Audio and Video Content in a Computer Game (Case Study of “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice”) стр. 154

History of Religious Studies

Natalia A. Vaganova «Dionysian Religion» of Vyacheslav Ivanov as a Subject of the Study of Religion: Setting of the Problem стр. 162


Roman O. Reinhardt On the Political Raisons d’Etre and Democratic Values of Catholicism Abstract.  стр. 170