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The paper presents the process of recreation of the architectural image of Voskresenskaya Church (Resurrection Church) of Albazin fortress (Albazinsky ostrog) by the method of 3D modeling. Historical documents, archeological excavations and analysis of Manchu pictorial map “Luosha” from the manuscript atlas “Aihun, Luosha, Taiwan, Nei Menggu tu” were used for this reconstruction. In 2012, as a result of excavations carried out by the Albazino Archeological Expedition, a wooden foundation post was discovered on the territory of Albazinsky hillfort. The foundation post was an octagon with extensions from the south, west, and east. In 2019, a 3D model of Albazin fortress was created during the “Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Albazin Fortress in1684” study. A simplified model of the church was combined on a topographic plan with the location of the foundation post. The result gave a high degree of coincidence with Manchu pictorial map “Luosha”. The following logical conclusions were drawn: 1) 3D model of Albazin fortress is highly reliable and can be used for further work on reconstruction of its architectural image; 2) the object depicted in the central part of the Manchu pictorial map “Luosha” is an image of Voskresenskaya Church of Albazin fortress and can be used for its reconstruction. The size of the church was determined from the graphic correspondence of its size and the tower of Albazin fortress in the Manchu pictorial map “Luosha” and some Russian historical documents from Russian archives. All this allowed recreating of the exterior of Voskresenskaya Church of Albazin fortress.

Keywords: Albazin fortress (Albazinsky ostrog), Jesus Christs Resurrection Church, chapel, 17th century, Manchur pictorical map, 3D model

DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2020.1.123-131

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About the authors

 Vladimir I. Trukhin – senior engineer at the Institute of Geology and Natural Management of Far Eastern Branch
of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGNM FEB RAS); 1 Ryolochny lane, Blagoveshchensk, Russia, 675000

Aleksey V. Natsvin – Master student at the Amur State University;
21 Ignatevskoe shosse street, Blagoveshchensk, Russia, 675027