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The current article represents an example of neo-fascist ideas exploitation within the endeavor of the National Organization of Russian Muslims (NORM). The main members of the NORM asset and projects that this organization tried to implement within the framework of activities are presented. The ideological transformation of the NORM is presented in accordance with the author's periodization, which includes four periods: the Jemalist-Salafi period, the Opposition (Murabitunov) period, the Slavic-Islamic period and the Islam-European period. Each of these periods implies ideological and structural changes in the NORM. The periodization reflects the stages of politicization and radicalization of the NORM and its representatives. At each stage of the work of the NORM there were stable ideas that this organization tried to put into practice: the formation of a separate ethnic community (consortium) united on religious grounds within the framework of Islam and the exploitation of neo-fascist and Islamist ideas combined with political activism. At the same time, religious searches (within Islam) of the NORM asset are dynamic and used to transform at certain stages, which involved borrowing the practices and ideas of the following groups in Islam: Salafism, Malikite madhhab and Sufism (represented by Ya. Dallas). The incorporation of neo-fascist ideas can be traced to the exploitation by the NORM of the following constructs: “white Islam”, “Islamic fascism”, “Viking Jamaat”, etc. Images and symbolic persons addressed by the NORM asset while presenting views and activities of the organization will be represented by alternating representatives of neo-fascist and national organizations with representatives of political Islam.

Keywords: NORM, SILA, Murabitun, political Islam, Russian Muslims, Russian Islam

DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2021.3.140-150

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About the author

Vladimir N. Rogatin – PhD (History), Senior researcher at the Center of Islamic Studies, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences,
Associate Professor at the Department of Religious Studies, Kazan (Volga region) Federal University;
36 “A” Levo-Bulochnaya str., Kazan, 420111, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.