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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 2 2024


History of Religion
Elizaveta A. Fedorova

Does Passover Have Its Origins in the Zukru Festival? 

P. 5–10
Truong Anh Thuan
Tang Chanh Tin

Dialogue and Non-dialogue with Indigenous Culture: The Attitude of Western Missionaries towards Ancestor Worship of Vietnamese during the 17th – 18th Centuries

P. 11–24
Religions of Russia
Yuliya G. Blagoder

Notes on China and the Russian Orthodox Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing on the Pages of Russian Religious Journals (Second Half of the 19th Century)

P. 25–34
Olga V. Pelevina Religious Studies by A.V. Kirillov in the Conditions of the Far Eastern Frontier in the Second Half of the 19th Century (Based on Materials from Periodicals)
P. 35–46
Religions of the East
Nikolai V. Chirkov

“Tianzhu Shiyi” Catechism by Matteo Ricci as a Strategy for the Inculturation of Christianity and Intercultural Dialogue in China

P. 47–61
Anna A. Zabiyako,
Zhao Haibo

Religious Traditions of the Chinese Labor Artels in Manchuria (Mid-19th – Early 20th Centuries)

P. 62–76

New Religious Movements

Dmitriy A. Golovushkin,
Roman A. Sokolov

In the “Shadow” of Tradition: Problems and Prospects of Studying Fundamentalism in New Religious Movements

P. 77–85
Anthropology of Religion
Vladimir N. Davydov,
Olga M. Shulgina

Event Display: Food Practices at Local Festivals and Official Events in Chukotka 

P. 86–97
Yana V. Zinenko,
Evgeniya A. Kontaleva

Shamanic Costume and Paraphernalia of the Peoples of the Right Bank of the Amur River in the Early 20th Century as a Reflection of Ethnic Interaction on the Territory of the Far Eastern Frontier (Based on the Report on the Results of E.J. Lindgren's Field Expedition to Northwestern Manchuria)

P. 98–118
Andrey P. Zabiyako,
Wang Shuai

Samanshan – Tungus Shamanic Complex in Northeast China

P. 119–131
Philosophy of Religion
Seyyed Jaaber Mousavirad

Religious Language: A New Defense of Complete Univocity

P. 132–139
 Religious Philosophy
Sergei L. Burmistrov

Variants of the Law of Dependent Origination in Early Buddhism

P. 140–149
Sociology of Religion
Svetlana G. Maximova,
Daria A. Omelchenko,
Oksana E. Noyanzina

Spiritual Security in Border Regions Evaluated by People with Different Levels of Religiousness: Does Faith Matter?

P. 150–166
Ilshat A. Mukhametzaripov,
Ilmira R. Gafiyatullina
Normative and Institutional Preferences of Muslims of Dagestan and Tatarstan: Religious Settlement of Conflicts P. 167–178

Religion and Law

Risalatul Hukmi,

Framing Radicalism: Anticipatory Epistemic Injustice in Indonesian Religious Discourse

P. 179–187
Religion and Culture
Oleg I. Fedotov

Hagiography as A Wreath of Sonnets (“Sergius of Radonezh” by Yuri Linnik)

P. 188–204
Viktor V. Barashkov

Christian Images in the Fine Art of Siberia in the Context of the Formation of Siberian and Russian Identity

P. 205–216