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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 1 2024


History of Religion
Sergei A. Nizhnikov,
Pham Tien Bac

Tolerance of Buddhism and the Phenomenon of “Integration of Three Religions” in Vietnam

P. 5–12
John A. Taylor

Liberal Theology and the Collapse of Conventional Church Attendance in the Church of England

P. 13–25
Religions of Russia
Elena Yu. Dubrovskaya

Russian Servicemen in Finland: Popular Moods and the Transformation of Christian Values during the First World War

P. 26–37
James M. White The History of the Orthodox Church in the Baltic: The Parish of Oleshnitsa (Alajõe), Second Half of the 19th – First Third of the 20th Century P. 38–47
Aleksandra N. Takova,
Natalya S. Lavrova

Religious Policy of the German Fascist Administration in Relation to Islam in the Occupied Territories on the Example of the Kabardino-Balkarian ASSR (August 1942 – January 1943)

P. 48–58
Religions of the East
Akif Tahiiev

Khums in the Shia Religious Tradition

P. 59–66
Anthropology of Religion
Anna A. Suvorova

Religious Ideas and Images in Vernacular and Visionary Environment and Architecture

P. 67–77
Saadna Sarra

The Influence of Religion on the Speech Act of Request in Algerian Arabic: The Case of Classroom Discourse

P. 78–89
Philosophy of Religion
Natalia M. Markova
Evgeny I. Arinin
Roman V. Tsyganov
Ivan A. Semenov

Compliance With “Caritativity” And “Religion”: Local Connotations of Philosophical Religious Studies from Cicero to Florovsky

P. 90–103
Alexander A. Girinsky

“The Agony of Christ Lasts Forever”: The Role of Christian Symbols in the Philosophy of Culture by Merab Mamardashvili

P. 104–111
 Religious Philosophy
Sergey V. Pishun
Zhu Jiawu

Religious Meaning of the Moral Philosophy of I. Kant in the Interpretation of Orthodox Academic Theism

P. 112–119
Sociology of Religion
Natalia K. Terenina,
Roman N. Krotok

Using the Index of Religious Interaction in Studying the Spatio-Time Dynamics of the Russian Empire Confessional Space

P. 120–130
Ekaterina S. Elbakyan,
Veronika V. Kravchuk
Mentoring in the Process of Obtaining Theological Education in Secular (State) Universities in Russia P. 131–150
Religion and Culture
Juliet B. Byazrova

Ethical Foundations of Religious Motives in the Works of V.G. Rasputin and V.M. Shukshin

P. 151–159
Natalia V. Anufrieva

Illuminated Old Believer Miscellany of Early 20th Century: History of the Manuscript and Features of the Text and Author’s Design

P. 160–172