"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2019


History of Religion

Asgari L. 

The Symbolic Relation of the Bull and Plants in the Pahlavi Bundahishn   

р. 5

Avdeeva N.

The Schism in the Mariavite Church of Poland 

р. 13

Religions of the East

Sergey L. Burmistrov

The Concept of Abhisamaya in Indian Mahāyāna Philosophy

р. 19
Sergei A. Sevriugin On the History of the Spread of Protestantism on the Korean Peninsula at the End of the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries   р. 30

New Religious Movements

Anastasiia A. Novikova Modern Technology in the Practices of Necromancy р. 37

Comparative Religion

Tatiana I. Khizhaya  The Phenomenon of Sabbatarianism: Nature, Types, and Brief History   р. 44
Marina A. Khaimurzina Civil Religion: USA Phenomenon and China's Prospects р. 55

Anthropology of Religion

Tatyana Yu. Sem From the History of Shamanism: Images of Shamanic Assistant Spirits on the Petroglyphs of the Upper Amur and Aldan (Article Two)   р. 65
Anatolyi F. Startcev The Cult of Fire in Hunting Activity and Everyday Culture of the Tungus-Manchu Ethnic Groups of the Lower Amur and Primorye р. 73
Igor V. Kurlyanov Religious Uniqueness of Chinese Minority Da Hua Miao р. 80

Religious Philosophy

Oxana N. Kozhevnikova Family in the Works of Representatives of the Kazan School of Spiritual and Academic Theism of the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries: Understanding of Biblical Traditions р. 91

Sociology of Religion

Joel Ivan Gonzalez Cedillo Religious Extremism: The Use of Western Christianity as an Element of White Supremacism   р. 96

Psychology of Religion

Nikolay L. Muskhelishvili,
Andrey K. Antonenko
On the Project of Phenomenological Religion of G.G. Shpet and N.I. Zhinkin   р. 102

 Religion and Culture

Sergey V. Zakharov On the Question of the Original Version and Copies of the “Kutuzov” Icon  р. 113

History of Religious Studies

Teryukova E.A.  Central Anti-Religious Museum in Moscow: Historical Landmarks (1929–1947)  р. 121

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