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The article examines the value preference for legal norms. The subject of research: the value preference of norms of different legal systems. The aim of the article is to identify the value preferences of norms during the regional crisis and conflict. The scientific novelty consists in identifying the preference of different groups of population for norms of customary law, Shariah, secular legal law in the context of legal pluralism in conditions of the regional crisis and conflict. The research used sociocultural and conflictological approaches, methods of sociological monitoring, sociological surveys were conducted, the concept of “value preference of norms” was operationalized. Results: Pluralism is considered as the simultaneous action on the territory of different legal systems, the socio-historical milestones of value preference for norms are characterized. The correlation of value preference of norms with age, education is revealed, the relationship of value-legal attitudes with adherence to tradition and modernism, national-traditional and civic identification is disclosed. In the preference of legal norms, the key and determining value is justice. The changes in attitudes towards the types of legal norms correlate with the socio-psychological state of the community in pre-conflict and post-conflict situations, and “expectation” – “disappointment” indicators are highlighted. The prospect of research assumes the further monitoring of attitude to norms and formation of legal culture in the region.

Key words: value, norm, law, pluralism, customary law, Islam, Shariah, justice

DOI: 10.22250/20728662_2022_4_148

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About the author

Musa M. Yusupov – Candidate of sociological sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work of Theory and Technology of Social Work,
Chechen State University; 32 Sheripova Str., Grozny, 364034, Russia; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.