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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 3 2020


History of Religion
Vladimir V. Emelianov B.A. Turaev and the Struggle for Sumerology in Russian Scholarship at the Beginning of the 20th Century pp. 5–18
Marina A. Khaymurzina Ethnonym Jurchen in the Context of History and Archaic Beliefs of the People (Based on the Works of Chinese Researchers)  pp. 19–25
Anthropology of Religion
Mikhail M. Bazlev Study of Spiritual Voices and Visions: A Question of Etiology pp. 26–35
Ilya S. Butov Non-handmade Images on Religious Themes Appeared on Window Panes: Distribution and Recording of the Stories in Belaru pp. 36–44
Evgeniya A. Kontaleva Religious and Syncretic Foundations of the Mentality of Russian Emi-grants (On the Example of Literary and Ethnographic Prose by N.A. Baikov and P.V. Shkurkin)   
pp. 45–54
Philosophy of Religion
Alexander V. Usachev Religion and Pure Reason  pp. 55–61
Religious Philosophy
Valeriya V. Sleptsova Concepts of “Possible” and “Necessary” in H. Crescas' Second Book of “Light of the Lord” pp. 62–68
Sociology of Religion
Viktor S. Levytskyy “Sociology of Ontology”: Importance of the Social Aspects of the Struggle for the Creed at the First Ecumenical Council pp. 69–77
Rinat F. Pateev Religious Activism in Muslim Communities: Rethinking in the Post-Secular Era pp. 78–87
Religion and Law
Ilshat A. Mukhametzaripov Religious Courts in the USA and Canada: Types, Main Functions and Interaction with the Secular State pp. 88–96
Religion and Culture
Olga K. Mikhelson From Peplums to New Religions: Stoics and Epicureans Ethics in Popular Culture pp. 97–105
Andrey V. Lapin,
Elena D. Aganina
New Heroes of Mass Culture (Case Study of the Main Character of the Computer Game Cycle “God of War”) pp. 106–111
History of Religious Studies
Marianna M. Shakhnovich Return from Oblivion: Publications about N.M. Matorin (1898–1936) and His Scientific and Organizational Activities pp. 112–119
A Tale of the Mazars of Kuhistan. Translation, opening chapter and commentaries by Tokhir S. Kalandarov, Konstantin S. Vasiltsov  pp. 120–129
Anna A. Zabiyako,
Yana V. Zinenko
Sakhalyan-Blagoveshchensk: Life of the Russian Orthodox Community in the Border Territories in the 1920s and 1940s (Based on the Materials of Emigration Journalism)  pp. 130–142