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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 2 2019


History of Religion

Gulnara T. Oruzbaeva,
Zhelden Sajаkbaev 
Some Aspects of the Development of Religious Worldview of the Ancient Kyrgyz p. 5
Oxana V. Tikhonova,
Larisa A. Shakunova

Romance and Arabic Names of Mozarabs in Al-Andalus (in the Archive of the Toledo’s Mozarabs of the 12th and 13th Centuries)

р. 10
Margarita A. Korzo

On the (Self)name and Identity of the 16th–17th century Polish Reformed Churches 

р. 17
Anna M. Yakovleva,
Alexey V. Volobuev
The Problem of Fundamentalism in Foreign Orthodoxy: the Review р. 23

Religions of Russia

Erbina V. Nikitina,
Vitaliy P. Stanyal

Chuvash Religion and Its Influence on the Ethnic Mentality

р. 36
Petr K. Dashkovskiy,
Natalya S. Dvoryanchikova
Atheistic Propaganda in the Altai Region as an Element of the State-Сonfessional Policy in 1964–1982 р. 47

Religions of the East

Pavel D. Lenkov

Buddhist Elements of the Anthropological Conceptions of the Religious Taoism of the Quanzhen School (Based on Long Men Xin Fa): Soteriology and the Concept of Human Activity 

р. 56
Nadezhda N. Trubnikova Incarnated Bodhisattva: A Record of the Commemoration of Princess Sonshi р. 66
Elena S. Lepekhova The Image of Rahula in Japanese Ritual Texts Koshiki р. 77

Comparative Religion

Oksana V. Kuropatkina Pietism in the Scandinavian Countries and in Russia in the 19th Century: Comparative Analysis of Religious and Social Attitudes    р. 85

Anthropology of Religion

Aleksandra D. Belova David Lewis-Williams’s Cognitive Archeology: New Approach to Shamanism р. 92
Dmitrij O. Furtsev Normalization of Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks in the Abrahamic Religions р. 98

Philosophy of Religion

Evgenyi I. Arinin Political Science of Religion: «Religio» from Cicero to Luhmann in Search of the Ideal of “Pax Deorum”   р. 104

Religion and Law

Anatolyi P. Gerasimenko Orthodox Legal Ideology by I.A. Ilyin   р. 114

Psychology of Religion

Dmytryi I. Weber School of Religious Psychology at the University of Derpt. On the Issue of Studying Religion in the Russian Empire in the Early 20th Century  Retracted by the author р. 122

Religion and Culture

Olga K. Mikhelson Between Duty and Bliss: Ancient Greek Moral Imperatives, Mythology, and Modern American Cinema   р. 131

History of Religious Studies 

Denis D. Pyzikov V.D. Bonch-Bruyevich’s Archive in the State Museum of the History of Religion as a Source on the History of Church-State Relations after the Revolution of 1917 р. 138