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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2017


History of Religion

Andrey P. Zabiyako,  Maksim M. Mironov  The Kalinovka Cult Complex: The Main Results of the Archaeological Discoveries in 2006–2014 стр. 5

Religions of Russia

White J.M. Burkhanism, toleration and the Russian Orthodox Church in the Altai (1904–1914) стр. 21
Yuliia V. Argudiaeva  Ulunga (Kuqing) Uprising of Primorye Old-Believers in 1932 стр. 31

Religions of the East

Elena S. Lepekhova The Cosmology of Avatamsaka-sutra and Buddha Vairochana from Tōdaiji Temple стр. 42

New Religious Movements

Vasily V. Ushnitsky  Modern Altai Neo-Burkhanism as an Example of the New Age in the Post-Soviet Space стр. 49

Anthropology of Religion

Andrey S. Dedov  Towards the Question about the Evolution of Ritual in Russian Mystical Sectarianism: the Context and Psychological Interpretation of the Case in the Mechetinskaya Village стр. 56
Evgeniya A. Kontaleva Religious Syncretism in the Interpretation of Russian and Foreign Researchers стр. 62

Philosophy of Religion

Olena G. Bortnikova Methodological Basis of the Study of Functioning of Religion in Society стр. 79

Religious Philosophy

German E. Bokov The Paradoxes of “Christian Atheism”. Some Features of Radical Protestant Theological Modernism from the Third Quarter of the 20th Century стр. 86

Sociology of Religion

Evgeniy I. Arinin,
Elena V. Vorontcova, 
Dmitry I. Petrosyan 

Religious Terminological Aspects of Sociological Study of “Believers” in Post-Soviet Russia: Models and Typology стр. 97

Religion and Law

Elena V. Skurko Religion and Law: Contemporary Forms of Interrelation стр. 112

Psychology of Religion

Irina S. Bulanova Socio-Psychological Approaches to the Study of Religious Norms стр. 118
Vladimir M. Storchak Archetype of the Numinous in the Context of the Psychoanalytic Theory of the Origin of Religion стр. 126

Religion and Culture

Dmitry S. Bakharev,
Elena M. Glavatskaya

The Orthodox Church Landscape Development in a Modern Russian Megalopolis (the Case of Yekaterinburg) стр. 143

History of Religious Studies

Vladimir V. Emelianov W.G. Schileico's Works on the History of the Mesopotamian Religion стр. 154
Veronika V. Khorina Descriptions of Shamanism in the Research Works of N.N. Kharuzin and V.N. Kharuzina стр. 172


Ekaterina A. Teryukova, 
Pavel A. Tugarinov 

An Overview of the International Conference “Folk Images in Late Imperial China” стр. 178