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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2022


History of Religion

Wang Yulang


Discovery and the First Stage of the Study of the Hamajia Petroglyphs in the Greater Khingan Range (Northeast China)

P. 5–12
Alexey A. Isakov On the Meaning of the Mention of Pharisaism in the “Laodicean Epistle” P. 13–22
Gohar L. Karagyozyan About the Armenian Holy Spear and Related Legends (Based on the Notes of Russian and European Travelers) P. 23–29
Nikolai V. Chirkov The Strategy for the Inculturation of Christianity in the Context of Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue in the Missionary Activities of Jesuit Roberto de Nobili P. 30–37
Religions of Russia
Petr K. Dashkovskiy,
Elena A. Shershneva

Organization of the Military Service of the Muslim Population of Siberia in the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries

P. 38–48
Denis S. Ermolin The World of the Pechora Old Believers through the Eyes of D.D. Travin: Confessional Boundaries, Resources and Transformations in the First Third of the 20th Century P. 49–54
Religions of the East
Sergey L. Burmistrov

The Teaching of the Three Refuges in the Indian Mahāyāna

P. 55–67
Marina A. Khaymurzina The Cult of Confucius in the Context of the Sinification of the Jurchen Culture of the State Period P. 68–79
Anthropology of Religion
Zinaida F. Sikevich,
Anna A. Fedorova,
Julia A. Possel

On the Problem of Religious Identity among Russians

P. 80–92
Alexander M. Petrov Images of the Air Element in Russian Religious Folklore P. 93–99
Konstantin B. Klokov Man-Tundra-Reindeer-Dog: A Symbolic Reflection of Traditional BioResource Use in the Rituals of Indigenous People of South-Eastern Chukotka P. 100–110
Andrey P. Zabiyako,
Wang Shuai
Orochon Shamaness Guan Kouni: The Main Stages of Life in the Context of the history of Orochon Shamanism in Northeast China P. 111–128
 Philosophy of Religion
Anatoly G. Kosichenko,
Elena E. Burova,
Yury O. Buluktaev,
Darya R. Shaidulina

Religious Values in the Modern World

P. 129–138
Juliet B. Byazrova Actualization of the Problem of Correlation between Religious and Secular Morality in a Situation of Paradigm Instability P. 139–147
 Sociology of Religion
Musa М. Yusupov