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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 3 2021


Religions of Russia
Marianna M. Shakhnovich

Locally Venerated Orthodox Saints in Russia in the End of the 1920s – Early 1930s (Based on Ethnographic Expeditions)

pp. 5–14
Ranus R. Sadikov Mari Lutherans of Bashkiria: Between Old Traditions and New Religious Rules pp. 15–25
Religions of the East
Marina A. Khaymurzina

Transformation of the Archaic Cult of Heaven in the Jurchen Culture

pp. 26–31
Anthropology of Religion
Alexandra Lavrillier,
Tatiana Yu. Sem

Contemporary “Shamanising Persons” among the Tungus-Manchu (Evenki, Even, and Nanai): Case Studies about Common Collective Spiritual Representations

 pp. 32–51
Tatyana Yu. Sem Features of Age-Related Rites of Passage and Relevant Games in the Tungus-Manchu Culture  pp. 52–60
Sergey V. Bereznitsky Correlation of Mentality with Cults and Life-Supporting Technologies of Indigenous Peoples of the Amur-Sakhalin Region  pp. 61–69
Tatiana D. Bulgakova Formation of Mentality in Shamanistic Societies of the Nanai People  pp. 70–77
Philosophy of Religion
Juliet B. Byazrova

 The Motives of Man-God in the Philosophy of L. Feuerbach

pp. 78–83
Sergey V. Pishun

“Christianization” of Faith and Knowledge as an Epistemological Reality in Religious and Philosophical Anthropology and Virtualism of V.I. Nesmelov

pp. 84–91
 Phenomenology of Religion
Aleksei I. Zygmont

“It Is the Part of a Noble Athlete to be Wounded, and yet to Conquer”: Militancy in the Early Christian Martyrdom

pp. 92–103
Sociology of Religion
Ekaterina S. Elbakyan

Dynamics of Social Functions of Religion and Religiosity During the Pandemic

pp. 104–117
Elena F. Fursova Old Believers’ Customs of “Non-Desecration” During the Spread of the New Viral Infection COVID-19 (Based on Materials from the Novosibirsk Region) pp. 118–124
Alexey V. Sitnikov,
Mikhail V. Romanov,
Rinat R. Faskhudinov
Features of Islamic Religiosity of the Tatars in the Republic of Tatarstan pp. 125–139
Religion and Law

Vladimir N. Rogatin

Exploitation of Neo-Fascist Ideas in the Radical Wing of the National Organization of Russian Muslims

pp. 140–150
Religion and Culture
Elena V. Golovneva,
Ivan A. Golovnev
Soviet Anti-Religious Film. “Sectarians” by Vladimir Korolevich (1930) pp. 151–159