The author of this paper pays attention to the problem of the sacred and its localization, proceeding from the definition of religion as a religion subject attitude toward a sacral object and being aware of the absence of unmistakable and generally accepted conception of the last one’ nature. The space surrounding human is considered as the most fundamental dimension, in the context of which phenomena of religious consciousness could take their places. The insightful commentary is given on the conception, which draws distinction between locative and utopian types of religious worldview, on the ground of some scientific-philosophical statements and religious sources. The thesis about locative type heterogeneity, which assumes the process of spatial alienation between religious subject and sacred object and exclusion an opportunity of their direct contact, is put forward. Concerning utopian tradition, it is claimed that they are not capable to be released completely from spatial factor and keep their locative features within the field of ritual and folk religiosity, despite the removing of absolutely significant sacred center out of limits of spatial structure at theological level. Dialectics of locative/utopian becomes a subject of special theological conceptualization within these cultures. The article’s content cannot be applied for formulation of universal model of religious worldview evolutionary development; it is rather connected with typological construction. Its explication could make a contribution to the problem of the sacred space which is a classic issue in the phenomenology of religion.

Keywords: phenomenology of religion, religious worldview, sacred, localization, space, locative, utopian

DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2019.3.69-79

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About the author 

Andrey S. Khudyaev – Junior Research Associate at Centre for Comparative Religious Studies and Ethnosemiotics,

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.