The article is devoted to studying the works of academician V.V. Struve on the history of the religion of ancient Mesopotamia. In the second part of this article the works of 194060-s years are discussed. If the outline of the Babylonian religion in the textbook of 1941 is related to the theory of formations, then in later works Struve refuses examination of the facts in terms of a general theory and delves into specific questions of Sumerology. In an article on divination there were presented two examples of reading the arrows from the Old Sumerian texts, one of which may be considered as reliable one. An article on the ritual of conveyance of property shows the evolution of this rite from symbolic transfer of house to transfer of land and slaves.

Key words: Mesopotamian religion, V.V. Struve, Sumerology, reading the arrows, conveyance of property ritual.

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