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The article presents unpublished materials from the Russian State Historical Archive which deals with certain aspects of research, teaching, administrative, and public activity of a prominent Russian historian of ecclesiastic law Mikhail E. Krasnozhen (1860 – ?). In spite of М. Krasnozhen’s strong contribution to the research of church-state relations in the Russian Empire and numerous books and articles on different aspects of orthodox ecclesiastic law and Russian religious legislation, his research and teaching activity in the late 19th – early 20th centuries has not been examined yet.


Keywords: Mikhail E. Krasnozhen, history of studying of the orthodox ecclesiastic law in Russia, church-state relations in the Russian Empire

DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2017.2.120-126

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Ekaterina A. Teryukova – PhD (Philosophy), Associated Professor at Philosophy of Religion and Study of Religion Department,

St. Petersburg State University, Deputy-Director for Research Affairs at The State Museum of the History of Religion;

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