The text describes a number of aspects of the phenomenon of Russian Orthodoxy as a “dictionary”, mass media and sociological fact on the materials of the “National Corpus of the Russian Language”. The categorical conflicts of interpretations of this extra-textual and extra-linguistic reality as a religious association from the standpoint of the linguistic-semiotic approach are investigated, distinguishing between reference and the universe the reference (extra-textual reality) and symbolization (textual reality) in which denotata (denoted realities) and connotates (local meanings of denotations) will be detached. Some aporias and paradoxes arising from the analysis of a given religious identity: “language of confessions” / “terms of religious studies”, “external” / “internal”, “normative” / “deviant”, etc. are specially considered in the article.


DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2018.4.92-99

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Evgeniy I. Arinin – Doctor of Philosophy, Full Professor,

Head of  the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Vladimir State University;

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