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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 3 2019


History of Religion

Alexander A. Lushnikov The Origin of the Term “the Paganism of the Eastern Slavs” in the Russian Scientific Literature: the “Pagan Past” and Historical Memory  р. 5
Joel Ivan Gonzalez Cedillo

Evangelicalism as a Political Mobilizer in Latin American Politics and the Reemergence of Conservative Governments 

р. 21

Religions of Russia

Alexander Р. Yarkov

Features of Islamic Religion on the Territory of the Altai Mountains

р. 28
Petr K. Dashkovskiy,
Elena A. Shershneva
The Status of Muslim Communities in the Altai in the Context of State-Confessional Policy in the 1960s – 1980s   р. 35

Religions of the East

Sergey V. Shandyba From Temple to Household Altar (Butsudan and Zushi in Japanese Culture) р. 43

Anthropology of Religion

Tatyana Yu. Sem From the History of Shamanism: Images of Shamans and Shamanistic Rituals on the Petroglyphs of the Upper Amur, Olekma, and Aldan Rivers (article one)    р. 53

Religious Philosophy

Irina Yu. Kulyaskina

S.L. Frank: Reflections on Religious Experience   

р. 62

Phenomenology of Religion

Andrey S. Khudyaev The Sacred and Aspects of Its Localizaton  р. 69

Sociology of Religion

Igor А. Yurasov,
А. Tanina
Conflict of Identities in the Religious Semiosphere: Discourse of Ukrainian Autocephaly   р. 80
Timur M. Nadyrshin The Place of Religion in the System of General Humanitarian Education of the Republic of Bashkortostan   р. 89

Religion of Culture

Marianna M. Shakhnovich Scientific Atheism of the Era of “Developed Socialism” in the Visual Arts: a Series of Decorative Panels “Soviet Way of Life” (1983–1886) from the Collection of the State Museum of the History of Religion   р. 100
Nikolai S. Poliakov “My Rap Is a Prayer but with a Razor in the Mouth”: Religious Themes in Russian Rap   р. 110

History of Religious Studies

Tatiana S. Samarina Religious Heritage of Jacques Waardenburg: A Critical Analysis  р. 117