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"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2016


History of Religion

Yulia V. Argudyaeva Social Life of the Russian Old Believers in Manchuria p. 3

Religions of Russia

Galina T. Titoreva The Bear Cult of the Evens in the Okhotsk Sea Coast p. 14
Ismail I. Khanmurzaev  Tashav-Hadji Al-Indiri in Sufi Genealogies of Spiritual Succession of the 19th – 20th Centuries p. 20

Religions of the East

Irina B. Keidun Ancestral Shrine in Ancient China: Preliminary Characteristic (Based on Confucian “Li ji” Treatise) p. 28
Sergey V. Filonov Taoist “Bright Code of the Perfected [Kings] From Nine [Heavens]” (Jiu zhen ming ke 九真明科 ) as a Source on the History of Spiritual World of China. Part 1: Historical and Textual Introduction  p. 38
Pavel D. Lenkov Repentance in the Late Medieval Taoism: A Case Study of the Second Chapter of the Treatise “Long Men Xin Fa” (“The Law of the Heart / Mind of the Longmen Tradition”) p. 53
Elena S. Lepekhova Participation of Buddhist Monks in Political Conspiracies in China and Japan in the 7th – 8th Centuries p. 65
Maya V. Babkova What a Buddhist Monk Can and Can’t Do According to Dōgen Zenji p. 75

Religious Philosophy

Ivan L. Fokin An Impact of Radical Pietism of the late 17th – Early 18th Centuries on the Spread of a New Philosophy of Jacob Boehme in Europe and Russia p. 82

Psychology of Religion

Tatiana M. Krikhtova,
Kirill V. Aleksin

Are Officiation and Pastoral Care Together or Not? A Research Based on a Study of Time Budget of Modern Orthodox Priests p. 89

Anthropology of Religion

Andrey P. Zabiyako,
Anna A. Zabiyako

Magic, Demonology and Visions in the Culture of the Trekhrechye Russians  p. 96

History of Religious Studies

Vladimir V. Emelianov V.V. Struve as a Historian of Mesopotamian Religion. Part 2 p. 111
D.A. Bratkin The Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society against the Background of the Western European Palestine Studies  p. 122


Andrey V. Lapin The History of Religious Philosophy (A Syllabus)   p. 130


Olga S. Khizhnyak  “About the technologies to change the religious identity and the creation of local controlled conflicts”. Book Review p. 137