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The article presents a historiographical review of works examining the possible link between the teachings of Czech and English preachers Jan Hus and John Wycliffe. The author comes to the following conclusions: 1) the influence of external factors on the assessment of the problem studied; 2) the importance of the religious affiliation of researchers; 3) the roles that the researchers assigned to Hus, Wycliffe and their followers in their work, depending on the purpose of the study; 4) the difference in attitude to the future of the teachings of Hus and Wycliffe and their interpretation in historical literature.

Keywords: Hus, Wycliffe, historiography, religion, Czech Reformation

DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2020.2.127-134

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About the author 

Anastasia V. Sheps Bachelor of History, Master Student of Second grade, Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies, Institute of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University;
Mendeleevskaya linya, St. Petersburg, Russia, 199034; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.