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The process of inculturation of Christianity is closely connected with intercultural and interreligious dialogues. This article analyzes the strategy of enculturation of Christianity in the context of interreligious and intercultural dialogue in the missionary activity of Italian Jesuit Robert De Nobili in India. Roberto De Nobili attempted to create an “Indian Catholicism” through the inculturation of Christianity through a particular strategy based on the establishment of intercultural and interreligious dialogues with the castes of Indian society. He believed that by observing the norms of piety and respecting the cultural and religious heritage of local peoples, one could gain the confidence of the Brahmans and the higher castes of Indian society, which would contribute to the better adaptation of Christian doctrine among these peoples. The methods used by R. de Nobili allowed him to express some of the values and foundations of the Catholic creed in terms and symbols more familiar and comprehensible to the Indian mentality.

Key words: Roman Catholic Church, inculturation of Christianity, Inculturation of Christianity, interreligious dialogue, intercultural dialogue, evangelization, missionary work, culture, India, Jesuits, Roberto de Nobili

DOI: 10.22250/20728662_2022_4_30

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Nikolai V. Chirkov – religious studies scholar, PhD (Philosophy), mimoriadný profesor; Institute of St. Tomas Aquinas (Žilina (Slovakia),
Department of the Pontifical Salesian University (Turin, Italy). Head of the Frontier Research Laboratory, Amur State University (Blagoveshchensk, Russia);
Sebasiana Caboto str., Torino, 10129, Italy; сThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.