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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2023


History of Religion
Nikolai V. Chirkov

The Experience of Inculturation of Christianity into Chinese Culture: The Work of Zheng Mano, the First Ordained Chinese Jesuit Priest

P. 5–22
Religions of Russia
Natalia V. Turygina

Temples in Honor of the Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky on the Borders of the Russian Empire: Migration and Transformation of the Cult in the 19th – 20th Centuries

P. 23–30
Irina Yu.Vinokurova Orthodox landscape of the Vepsian Shimozero P. 31–42
Nikolay N. Yarygin

Religious Situation in the Kaliningrad Region during the Soviet Period

P. 43–50
Religions of the East
Ayas A. Danchay-ool

Religious and Philosophical Analysis of the Monotheism of Tengrism

P. 51–58
Olga E. Tsmykal,
Yana V. Zinenko

Chinese Religious Syncretism in a Story (Novel) about the Extraordinary (Based on the Cycle “Chinese True Story” by I.G. Baranov)

P. 59–70
Anthropology of Religion
Ilya S. Butov,
Nikita V. Tomin

“The Game of Kikimora”: An Intricate Folk Deception in the Sphere of the Demonic in the 18th – 19th Centuries

P. 71–79
Olga B. Stepanova

“He Was Called a Red Shaman”: On the Question of the Transfor-mations of Selkup Shamanism in the Soviet Period

P. 80­–90
Miliausha F. Sirazetdinova The Loss of Grace (Koto Yuk) as a Contamination by Misfortune P. 91­–100
Comparative Religion
Marianna M. Shakhnovich

The Cult of Saint Christopher in the Context of Comparative Religion

P. 101–110
Luiza A. Gasparyan,
Lusine Yu. Vardanyan,
Nara Gh. Sargsyan

Peculiarities of translation of Biblical quotations in Arisatkes Lastivertsi's “History”

P. 111–116
Elizaveta G. Bruk

Perception of Catholicism in the Periodicals of the Theological Academies of the Russian Empire in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries (Based on the Materials of the Library of the State Museum of the History of Religion)

P. 117–125
 Philosophy of Religion
Anton V. Karabykov

Religion and Morality in an Evolutionary Perspective: A Critique of the Naturalistic Approach

P. 126–133
Religious Philosophy
Baazr A. Bicheev

Refuge as a Symbol of Buddhism

P. 134–141
Georgy V. Morgunov,
Ruslan V. Khandogin
The Religious Foundations of Gregory Skovoroda’s Worldview P. 142–151
Religion and Culture
Oleg I. Fedotov

Madonna (“Genius of Pure Beauty” and Pushkin’s Sonnetiana)

P. 152–163
Tatiana K. Nikolskaya

Everyday Life of “Sectarians” in Soviet Fictional Films

P. 164–174