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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 3 2023


History of Religion

Vasiliy I. Tashak,
Yuliya E. Antonova

Rock Paintings in the Jom-Bolok River Valley (Oka Plateau): Volcanic Activity in the Ancient Graphic Art

P. 5–15
Andrey P. Zabiyako

Horned Tambourine: Petroglyphs of Getkan

P. 16–31
Gohar L. Karagyozyan

Sacralization of the Mountain and the Development of the Biblical Text (Based on European Travellers’ Notes)

P. 32–40
Religions of Russia
Roman S. Lialin

“Diversion to Stundists”: Sectarians’ Persecution in the Black Sea Fleet in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries

P. 41–48
Victoria S. Matyushchenko,
Rozalia A. Yakusheva
Sectarians of the Yakutsk Region in the Publications of the Newspaper “Eastern Review” P. 49–56
Religions of the East
Irina S. Urbanaeva,
Alexey V. Loshchenkov

“Three Turnings of The Wheel of Dharma” as a Hermeneutical Scheme of the Gradual Systematization of the Buddha's Teachings

P. 57–66
Anthropology of Religion
Aleksei N. Koterov

Priests’ Mortality Rates of Different Denominations Compared to the Population: Meta-Analysis Reveals Rates Comparable to Those for Pilots, Athletes, Doctors, and Military Personnel

P. 67–87
Artem V. Krestyaninov The Bureaucratic “Ethnography” of the Ryabinovtsy in the First Half of the 19th Century P. 88–96
Lyudmila S. Lobanova Features of Explication of Ritual Animal Sacrifices in the Parish Chronicles of the Komi Territory of the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries P. 97–107
Vasilisa А. Zabiyako Slavic Witchcraft in the Amur Region in the First Half of the 20th Century: The History of the Dmitrievka Witch P. 108–117
Philosophy of Religion
Evgeny I. Arinin,
Maria S. Lyutaeva,
Natalia M. Markova,
Dmitry I. Petrosyan

Religiosity and Medicine: Compliance Between Images of Media and Rationality

P. 118–128
 Religious Philosophy
Sergey V. Pishun,
Li Ping

The Cult of Asceticism and Apology of Monasticism as the Core of the Philosophy of Christian History of
K.N. Leontiev

P. 129–138
Sociology of Religion
Ilshat A. Mukhametzaripov,
Ilmira R. Gafiyatullina

Normative and Institutional Preferences of Muslims of Dagestan and Tatarstan: Matrimonial and Inheritance Relations

P. 139–149
Religion and Culture
Elena V. Golovneva

Anti-Religious Film in the USSR (Based on Film Periodicals of the Late 1920s – Early 1930s)

P. 150–159