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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 1 2023


Religions of Russia

Ksenia S. Kazakova


Interaction of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Indigenous Population of the Northwestern Arctic Territories in the Matter of Public Education in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries

P. 5–14
Tatyana G. Nedzelyuk Siberian Clerics in the Fight against Epidemics  (The Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries): Based on the Materials of the Russian State Historical Archive
P. 15–21
Religions of the East
Valeriia V. Garrido

Chinese Dragon as a Heavenly Omen 

P. 22–28
Wang Junzheng The Emergence and Development Trends of Buddhism in the Cultures of the Amur Peoples (Before the First Half of the 13th Century) P. 29–39
Nadezhda N. Trubnikova Japanese Lotus Sūtra Tradition in Konjaku monogatari shū in Japan P. 40–51
Nikolai V. Chirkov Peculiarities of the Inculturation of Christianity in the Missionary Activities of the Chinese Jesuit Wu Li: The Path of Dialogue between European and Chinese Culture P. 52–64
Anthropology of Religion
Sergey N. Astapov

Social and Cultural Nature of Religious Fundamentalism

P. 65–70
Olga B. Stepanova “He Changes Clothes on Dolls Every Year”: Domestic Spirits of Northern Selkups in the Past and Present P. 71–82
Elena V. Novoselova Location of the Underworld in the Andean Tradition P. 83–91
Philosophy of Religion
Andrey V. Ivanov

The Principles of Dialogue between Science and Religion in V.N. Ilyin's Work “Six Days of Creation: The Bible and the Science of Creation and the Origin of the World”

P. 92–99
 Religious Philosophy
Mark V. Shugurov,
Sergey I. Mozzhilin

N. Berdyaev as a Researcher of the Religious Mysticism of Christianity: The Specificity of the Philosophical Approach

P. 100–109
 Phenomenology of Religion
Vladimir M. Storchak
Elena M. Tokareva
Marina V. Storchak
The Phenomenon of Prophecy in Proletarian Revolutionary and Soviet Quasi-Religious Culture P. 110–124
Sociology of Religion
Natalia M. Markova
Evgeny I. Arinin
Alexander Y. Bendin
Svetlana G. Karaseva
Dmitry I. Petrosyan

Vernacular Orthodoxy and Religious Identity: Global, Local, and Glocal (Belarus and Russia)

P. 125–134
Alexey V. Gorbatov,
. Gorbatova
Postmodern World and Religious Values in the Assessment of the Youth of Western Siberia P. 135–144
Abedi Renani, Ali;
Karbalaei Pazooki, Ali;
Hasanzadeh, Saleh
The Theological Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic among Theology Students: A Case Study P. 145–153
 Religion and Culture
Natalia V. Anufrieva

Shartash Style of Design of Old Believer Manuscripts: Genesis and Main Features

P. 154–164
Anna A. Zabiyako,
Feng Yishan, Zhou Xinyu,
Liu Shi
Religious Life of the North Manchurian City in Chinese Literature of the First Half of the 20th Century (“The Legend of the Hulan River” by Xiao Hong) P. 165–178