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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 2 2022


History of Religion
Andrey P. Zabiyako Early Symbolism in the Upper Paleolithic Cultures of the Left Bank of the Amur River pp. 5–16
Religions of Russia
Petr K. Dashkovskiy,
Natalia S. Dvoryanchikova

State Regulation of Registration and Activity of Religious Communities in the Omsk Region in the mid-1960s – mid-1980s

 pp. 17–29
Anthropology of Religion

Olga V. Pelevina

Folk Orthodox Faith of Settlers in the Second Half of the 19th Century in the Amur Region pp. 30–40
Nikolai S. Goncharov

Ideas of Reincarnation among Polyethnic Society in Nizhnekolymskii  of District Yakutia

pp. 41–52
Alexey E. Popov

The Theory of “Rites of Passage” in the Context of the Ideas about Death and Funeral Rituals

pp. 53–60
 Comparative Religion
Oleg V. Smolenkov Ninian Smart and the Methodology of Comparative Study of Religions pp. 61–66
 Philosophy of Religion
Alexey A. Kamenchuk

Ideas of the Divine Providence in the Late Byzantine Theology and the Augustinian-Thomistic Paradigm

pp. 67–74
Teresa Obolevich,
Alexander S. Tsygankov
S.L. Frank as a Critic of Occultism pp. 75–82
Religious Philosophy
Oleg V. Davydenkov

Theological Interconfessional Influences in Arab Christian Literature (the Example of Suleiman of Gaza (X–XI centuries))

pp. 83–93
Sociology of Religion

Alexey V. Sitnikov,
Vladimir M. Storchak,
Marina V. Storchak

Religious Symbols in Collective Memory (On the Example of Russian State Symbols)

pp. 94–100
Regina M. Mukhametzyanova-Duggal,
Alexander N. Klyashev,
Denis A. Efimov

Regular Members of Orthodox Communities: Ethno-Social Structure, Identity, Value Orientations (On the Example of the Russian Region – the Republic of Bashkortostan)

pp. 101–108
Religion and Law
Nikolay S. Babich

Social Efficiency of Religious Education (in the Case of Crime Prevention)

pp. 109–118
Psychology of Religion
Djamilya A. Gusenova,
Mukhtar Ya. Yakhyaev

Experience of Psychological Reduction of Religious Pilgrimage in Islam

pp. 119–138
Arseniy A. Belomytsev Specifics of Reception of Contemporary Worship Music by the Pentecostal Community in Modern Russia pp. 129–139
History of Religious Studies
Marianna M. Shakhnovich

V.D. Bonch-Bruevich, “Library of Scientific and Atheistic Literature” and the Struggle for the Recreation of the Sector of the History of Religion of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union (1953–1954)