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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 4 2021


History of Religion
Andrey P. Zabiyako

Early Symbolism and Early Forms of Religion of the Peoples of the Lower Amur Region

pp. 5–16
Religions of Russia
Ilia A. Melnikov

Nobility and “Ancient Piety” in the First Half of the 19th Century: The Case of a Noblewoman and an Old Believer Nun Elizabeth Langel

pp. 17–25
Roman A. Evtekhov Some Evidence of the Everyday Life of the Skoptsy in The Irkutsk Province (Second Third of the 19th Century) pp. 26–33
Petr K. Dashkovskiy,
Elena A. Shershneva
Censorship as An Element of State-Confessional Policy to Control the Muslim Communities of Siberia in the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries pp. 34–46
Tatyana G. Nedzelyuk Administrative Structures of the Catholic Church in Siberia in the Context of State-Confessional Policy (the 19th – Early 20th centuries) pp. 47–55
Aleksandra N. Takova Atheistic Work and Everyday Religious Practices in the Kabardian ASSR in the 40s–50s of the 20th Century pp. 56–63
Religions of the East
Wang Junzheng

Genesis and Main Trends in the Development of Buddhism in the Bohai State

 pp. 64–77
Anthropology of Religion
Anna A. Zabiyako,
Ju Kunyi

Religious Life in Harbin in the First Half of the 20th Century in the Oral Stories of the City Residents (Based on Materials by N.N. Laletina)

pp. 78–94
Maria V. Vasekha

Antireligious Work with Women in the 1920s and the Feminization Processes in the Russian Orthodox Church (Based on Siberian Materials)

pp. 95–105
Igor G. Petrov,
А. Iagafova
Evolution of the Religious Worldview and Modern Religious Practices in the Сhuvash Village of South Urals (on the Example of the Village of Kosh-Elga, Bizhbulyaksky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan) pp. 106–116
 Phenomenology of Religion
Ilya S. Butov

Religious Miracles Confined to Water Sources  

pp. 117–125
Sociology of Religion
Azamat Zh. Idrissov

Religion and the Problem of New Identities in the Contemporary World

pp. 126–135
Ruben S. Karapetyan,
Nelli R. Khachaturian
The Dynamics of Religious Behaviour and Consciousness among Urban Population in Armenia (Comparative Ethnosociological Study of 1980–2005) pp. 136–143
Religious Philosophy

Danil S. Popov

Leo Tolstoy's Religious Philosophy and the Stoic Tradition

pp. 144–151
Pavel D. Lenkov

Review of the Book “The Teachings of the Primordial Lady Sun Buer: Taoist Teaching for Women” by I.V. Belaya

pp. 152–154