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 "Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 1 2021


History of Religion
Pavel V. Basharin

The Institution of Zoroastrian Marriage xwēdōdah: The Problems of Genesis and the Questions of Typology

pp. 5–14
Anna A. Luneva

The Problem of the Development of Christian Identity in the 1st – 4th Centuries CE

pp. 15–23
Nikolai V. Chirkov

The Significance of the Inculturation of Christianity for the Missionary Activity of the Russian Orthodox Church, Revealed in the Epistles of the Roman Pontiffs of the Post-Conciliar Period

pp. 24–33
Religions of Russia
Andrey P. Zabiyako,
Vladimir I. Trukhin

Albazin Spassky Monastery: Major Milestones in History and Research Results

pp. 34–50
Petr K. Dashkovskiy,
Natalia S. Goncharova

Activities of the Assistance Commissions for Monitoring Compliance with the Legislation on Religious Cults in the Mid-1970s and Early 1980s in Khakassia (Southern Siberia)

pp. 51–63
Religions of the East
Nadezhda N. Trubnikova,
Igor V. Gorenko

Choose Your Paradise. The Life and Death of Monk Genshin in Setsuwa Tales  

 pp. 64–81
Sayintana, Li Ping,
Bazar D. Tsybenov

Evolution of the Image of the Sky (“Tenger”) in Daurian Culture

pp. 82–90
Anthropology of Religion
Artem V. Krestyaninov,
Andrey U. Mikhailov

“Message” by I. Gerasimov: Peasant Apology of Spasovo Denomination in the Middle of the 19th Century

pp. 91–96
Ilya S. Butov

Miracle of Renewal/Myrrh-Streaming of Icons as a Sign of the Great Patriotic War or a Mark of Bad/Good Events on the Territory of Belarus and Its Borders 

pp. 97–106
Psychology of Religion
Nikolay L. Muskhelishvili,
Andrey K. Antonenko

On External and Inner Gift of Speech (loqüela) in the “Spiritual Diary”of Ignatius of Loyola

pp. 107–114
Anastasiya A. Zubkovskaya

Studies of Religious Experience: From Theory to Experiment 

pp. 115–123
Religion and Culture
Olga E. Tsmykal

The Religious Aspect of the Poetic Ethnographism of Larissa Andersen

pp. 124–135
History of Religious Studies

Vladimir V. Emelianov

Two Letters by V.V. Rozanov to B.A. Turaev from the Archives of the State Hermitage Museum  

pp. 136–141