Andrey P. Zabiyako - Doctor of Philosophy, Full Professor, Head of the Department of Religious Studies and History of the Amur State University, Head of the Laboratory of Archeology and Anthropology of the Amur State University, leading researcher of IAET Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Professor of School of arts and humanities of the Far Eastern Federal University, Editor-in-Chief of "Study of Religion" scientific and theoretical journal. A.P. Zabiyako is a religious studies scholar, historian,  anthropologist, translator, expert in the history and theory of religion, archeology and anthropology of religion, ethnic and ethnoreligious processes. His scientific interests cover studying of archaic religions of East and Northeast Asia, petroglyphs of Eurasia, ethnic and ethnoreligious interactions in East Asia and theoretical and methodological problems of modern Religious Studies. Since 1999, A.P. Zabiyako have conducted annual field studies in Russia (Priamurye, Yakutia, Transbaikalia) and China (Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Henan, Shandong, the Autonomous Area of Inner Mongolia), investigating the genesis and the development of the religion, ethnogenesis and migrations of the carriers of religious traditions by means of archaeological and anthropological methods. In the field of the theory of religion A.P. Zabiyako investigates problems of religiogenesis, evolution of religious consciousness, questions of the anguage of religion and is also engaged in comparative religious studies and history and methodology of the sudy of religion. Much attention is paid to comparative studying of categories of religious consciousness, features of archaic religions, shamanism, ethnoreligious traditions of East and West. A.P. Zabiyako proved the theory of the limit bases of religion and the semantic concept of religious consciousness thanks to which a new method of studying and interpretation of categorial structure of religions appeared.

A.P. Zabiyako's courses of lectures: "History of Religion", "Archeology of the Far East", "Ethnography of the Far East", "Pychology of Religion", "Comparative Religion", "History of the Religions of the East", and "Phenomenology of Religion".

A.P. Zabiyako has authored more than 300 academic papers published in Russia, the USA, China, France, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

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