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Tilman Musch - ethnologist, anthropologist, PhD in Social Anthropology, Faculty of Enthology at Universität Bayreuth (Germany). He carried out research projects at Max Planck's University and other scientific centers in Germany and France; member of the Society of Africanists. T. Musch conducted field studies in Russia (Buryatia) and Western Africa (regions of the Sahara). His scientific interests cover studies of Buryat-Mongolian nomadic civilization, the culture of the Tuaregs, Toubou and other nomadic peoples of Western Africa. T. Musch has been living among Tuaregs for many years, investigating their lifestyle, economics, social relations, mentality, and religion. T. Musch also deals with spatial anthropology, migrations, nomadic societies and cultures, mentality and beliefs of nomadic peoples. The results of scientific research are published in books and articles in the German, French, Russian and English languages.