"Religiovedenie" (“Study of Religion”) № 2 2017


History of Religion

Wang Yulang Most Ancient Religious Traditions of Northeast China p. 5

Andrey P. Zabiyako,

Wang Jianlin

Shitouren Petroglyphs and Phallic Images in Rock Art p. 12

Religions of Russia

Dmitry A. Golovushkin The Temptation of Revolution: “Political Theology of the Russian Orthodox Renovationism in the First Quarter of the 20th Century p. 23

Pyotr K. Dashkovskiy,

Natalya P. Siebert

Main Features of the Development of the Renovationist Movement in the Orthodox Church in the 1920s’ Altai p. 35

New Religious Movements

Siarhei A. Anoshka The Theology of Food in New Religious Movements: Mormon Dietary Restrictions p. 42
Yulia A. Uimina Sufism as One of the Sources of Osho’s (Shri Rajneesh) Teaching p. 51

Anthropology of Religion

Egor S. Shushakov P. Teilhard de Chardin's Conception of Evolutionary Anthropology and Original Sin p. 58
Anna I. Kovalenko Ethno-Confessional Aspect of the Culture of the Cossacks in Eastern Regions of Russia p. 62

Comparative Religion

Dulma V. Ayusheeva The Problem of Classification of Buddhist Organizations in the West

p. 73

Philosophy of Religion

Natalia S. Domashenko Justification of Existence of the Supreme Being in the Concept of V.P. Kudryavtsev-Platonov p. 85

Phenomenology of Religion

Vladimir M. Storchak,

Khasan O. Aushev

Charismatic Leader Cult in the Evolution of the Soviet Civil Religion p. 93

History of Religious Studies

Anna I. Matochkina Study of Islam and Arab-Muslim Culture in Works of Russian Orientalist Scholars on the Cusp of the 19th – 20th Centuries p. 107
Ekaterina A. Teryukova M.E. Krasnozhen as a Researcher of State-Church Relations in the Russian Empire p.120


Tatiana A. Pang Translation of “A Ritual Book of Manchu Shamanic Sacrifices” by N.A. Popov. Part 1: Introduction, Publication of Russian Translation    of the Text L. 1a–29a and Commentaries p. 127


The Sixth International Research and Practice Conference Vajrayana Buddhism in Russia: Topical Issues of History and Social and Cultural Analytics    p. 149

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