The scientific and theoretical journal “Religiovedenie” is a periodical that informs the academic community about the results of the latest research in the field of religious studies.

The scientific and theoretical journal “Religiovedenie” is a specialized journal. It includes articles on the history of religious studies and philosophy of religion, anthropology and sociology of religion, psychology and phenomenology of religion. Some attention is paid to the modern religious situation in Russia. As a professional edition, the journal provides a wide range of opportunities for those scholars who discover new aspects in the study of religion.

The journal is focused on the academic community. The editorial staff of the journal forms its content, taking into account its strictly scientific nature. The journal is not a theological edition, and it is far from religious apologetic goals. The journal is not associated with any modern denomination; authors of published articles may have their own religious beliefs. The content of the journal is strictly separated from the content of occult and mystical publications that replace religious studies, as well as from theological studies within the framework of traditional faiths.

The journal helps experts from different fields of science to exchange information and organizes a space for open scientific discussions on various issues of the academic study of religion.

In accordance with the journal’s policy, original, independent, analytical studies in Russian and English, as well as book reviews and reasoned and ethically correct polemical presentations, representing various worldview positions, are accepted for consideration.

There is no fee for publishing materials.  License Agreement governs the relations between the author and the Publishing Department of Amur State University.

Well recognized Russian and foreign experts in various thematic areas of the journal united in the editorial board to ensure the scientific objectivity, independence and competence of the scientific expertise of published materials.