Dear authors!

We ask you to take into account that all the materials sent to the editorial board must be made in accordance with the new requirements of articles for publication in scientific journals and the Russian Scientific Electronic Library (project “Russian Science Citation Index”).

The editorial board takes into consideration articles of no more than 1 printed sheet (40,000 characters). The standard size of articles is 0.5 printed sheet (20,000 characters). Articles in volume from 20,000 to 40,000 characters are accepted for the review after preliminary agreement. Student and postgraduate papers should be of no more than 20,000 characters.

The article should be written in conformity with the norms of the Russian or English language, in compliance with the rules of spelling, punctuation, grammar and style. Articles containing spelling, punctuation, grammar and stylistic mistakes are not accepted for the review. 

All papers submitted for publication are reviewed by the editorial board for plagiarism and duplication. Papers having been published earlier (print or electronic) are not accepted. All papers are peer-reviewed. 

Papers and the accompanying materials are sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Electronic files are received in RTF format only. 

Please note that references are made out in square brackets. A separate file with the transliterated bibliographic list in the Roman alphabet (Latin) is attached. Notes (explanations, author’s comments, etc.) are made out in the form of footnotes with numbering in the Arab figures.

The author’s photo (jpg, 300 dpi) which has to represent portrait image, stylistically close to a documentary photo, is also attached to a submitted article. 

Illustrations can be attached to the obligatory files (photos of objects, tables, schedules, etc.). Illustrations are numbered by an author according to their arrangement in the text. The numbered list of illustrations is provided at the end of an article. The author should note a number of an illustration in round brackets in a place of an article where an illustration is supposed to be. Authors should not put illustrations and other graphic objects into the very text of an article or to send them placed in a separate file (rtf, pdf, etc.).

You may download detailed requirements for submission of articles and review order here: 

Article Submission Guidelines PDF
Article Review Order PDF